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[img]">nicely, ive just watched 'sole survivor' on dvd. its the 1 with william shatner playing an air force crash investigator. in this film it is clear that the crew know they are ghosts appropriate at the start off, and that its been seventeen years given that the crash. the film i bear in mind has the complete crew (no survivors) believing that they are nonetheless alive. it doesn't come to light that they are all dead till right at the end of the film when a helicopter turns up at the crash web site and freaks the crew out (no helicopters in common service at the time of the crash) and the helicopter crew cant see the (dead) crewmen. there is a scene in sole survivor with a helicopter but this is half way into the film, lengthy following the plane wreck has been found, and not the initial discovery.

Purchase a number of things to decrease shipping. If you are getting a number of things, try to do so all from the exact same vendor, and in one particular acquire. Most vendors will group these into a single shipment and a lot of will ship for free of charge over a specific obtain amount.

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